25 Jun 2019

Safety and sustainability in the chemical supply chain


25 June 2019, 2:00 – 3:00PM BST

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During this webinar, we will look at the product supply chain, and whether simply complying with regulations is sufficient in order to appropriately manage an emergency incident involving your products (from major to minor incidents).

The webinar will look at the drivers for putting in place robust emergency response arrangements (regulatory, risk management, alignment with sustainability) and the impact of an incident on the business (both in terms of direct and indirect costs, as well as the impact on the organisations reputation). This would also look at ‘what good looks like’ for initial response and advice provision, as well as notification and activation of corporate response and crisis management.

In the webinar, our chemical supply chain experts will also explore how, as a proactive organisation, you can deliver operational excellence and use guidelines, such as those from CEFIC, to measure current performance and identify opportunities for potential improvements. We have recieved calls from real life incidents, which we will use as case studies to illustrate examples of a proactive organization.  Finally, we will briefly discuss the impact of political changes, such as Brexit, on emergency response.

The webinar will:

  • Allow attendees to critically evaluate their entire emergency response process both against the regulatory needs of their countries they trade within and the robustness of response.
  • Enable organizations to put in place a sustainable plan to improve their emergency response arrangements.
  • Help attendees appreciate the link between emergency response and responsible care / product stewardship, and understand how improving their emergency response arrangements will better improve their company standing.

Please join the team including Craig Thomson to discuss all the hot topics affecting the emergency response in the chemical supply chain.