Regulatory Costs in the Chemical Industry Survey

International Comparison of Cumulative Regulatory Costs in the Chemical Industry Survey

Help us to help you. Understand how the regulatory burden on your industry compares to your current international competitors.

What is this survey?

Commissioned by the European Commission, this study provides a unique opportunity to understand the differences in regulatory frameworks across the international chemicals market and how these affect the competitiveness of businesses operating in four key markets: the EU, US, China and India. Very little research has been undertaken in the area of regulatory costs faced by chemical industry so far. This study will provide an in-depth, comparative analysis of the regulatory landscape in each country or region, the resulting regulatory costs and associated burden on the chemical industries in different locations. Your feedback will remain confidential with all data anonymised before publication.

What will the survey ask me?

As an organisation within the US chemicals industry, the survey will ask your opinion on a broad range of issues relevant to regulatory costs, drivers to regulatory costs, and associated benefits with your operations in the US.

Why should I participate?

The study will provide evidence which will help you to understand how the regulatory burden on your industry compares to your current international competitors and those operating in potential new markets. You will also be able to consider how the burden facing your business compares to the average in your industry and location.

The survey is voluntary, but we would like as many people as possible to take part. The higher the response rate, the more meaningful the results will be. The survey is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the regulatory framework applying in your country and to participate in an innovative study seeking to push forward understanding in this area. Note that if you do not complete the survey your views will not be represented.

Who is running the survey?

The study has been commissioned by the European Commission and is being undertaken by a consortium of private consultancy firms led by Technopolis Group, in partnership with Ricardo Energy & Environment (NCEC's parent company) and Reach24H.

When will we find out about the results?

The final report will be published after summer 2017.

Who should I contact if I have a query about the survey or need help completing it?

Technopolis Group can be contacted on +32 474 55 28 68. The helpdesk is there to answer any queries you have about taking part in the survey or about why and how it is being carried out. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence and no calls are recorded.

For specific requests, see below the respective contact details:

For more information, you can download our FAQ document here .