10 days, 3 countries - NCEC tours South East Asia

10 days, 3 countries - NCEC tours South East Asia
25 September 2015

Chemical Supply Chains are global. So to support manufacturers, distributors and emergency responders across the world, NCEC will spend the next week travelling through South East Asia and Australia, sharing best practice with our clients and stakeholders.

Waking up in Malaysia, going to bed in Singapore

Our first stop is Kuala Lumpur, where the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) is hosting the ‘Seminar on Road Chemical Emergency Response’ (September 29, 2015).

NCEC provides multilingual support in over 37 languages and our specialists respond to numerous transport incidents across Malaysia and South East Asia every year. We actively work with our partners in Malaysia to improve transport safety and will use the seminar to present the importance of 24 hour emergency chemical helplines in reducing the impact of chemical incidents.

After saying selamat tinggal to our hosts in Malaysia we will travel to the Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit in Singapore. Here, Giles and I will discuss the regulatory challenges facing organisations across Asia, while also strengthening our links within the entire community. Our relationship with the regulator and emergency response provider in China is particularly important to us, especially considering the increased regulations and auditing of Chinese organisations following the Tijuan explosion.    

It will also give us a chance to hand deliver the first copies of our new customer user guides to clients attending the conference and based in Singapore. These bring together all of NCEC’s reference material into a single compendium. This includes a directory of our global telephone suite and infrastructure, designed to help our clients shipping dangerous goods secure the highest levels of public and commercial care across the world. If you are not in Singapore this October, don’t worry, we are also distributing the guide to our entire customer base throughout the month in hard and soft copy.

Ending in Oz

After Chemical Watch we will travel on to Melbourne, Australia, to conduct one-on-one meetings with our colleagues at the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA). We will use the opportunity to build on this strong relationship and share experience from working with trade associations throughout the EU and UK.

We will also meet with the Melbourne Metro Fire Brigade who use NCEC’s Chemdata service, an interactive database of over 50000 chemical substances for advice on spillages, fires and contamination incidents. This will allow us to compare how fire services and their scientific advisers in the UK, EU and Australia extract the most value from Chemdata when handling chemical incidents. NCEC continually uses feedback from emergency responders in the field to improve its service and deliver up-to-date, proportionate and safe advice.  

The first part of a global tour

After that we will be returning home, but not for long. Later in October, our team are heading to Chemical Watch’s European Enforcement Summit in Brussels, Belgium, before going west to the Global Regulatory Conference in Washington, USA. Then it is back to Asia for the Chinese Regulatory Affairs Conference in Hangzhou to support our partners, REACH24H. We will also speak at the Asia Pacific Responsible Care Conference and finally journey to St Petersburg for the Russian Petroleum Trading and Transport event in December. Meanwhile our team will continue to run training events in the UK throughout autumn, including HAZMAT response and COSHH assessment courses.

It is going to be a busy few months, but with business partners on every habitable continent in the world NCEC’s chemical emergency response team has a truly international reach and a global responsibility.

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