Deadline to notify with Spanish poison centre

Deadline to notify with Spanish poison centre
15 May 2017

Businesses that place mixtures with a health or physical effect classification on the market in Spain should act fast to register their products with the Spanish poison centre before the 1 June 2017 deadline.
Poison centres are bodies established by EU Member States under Article 45 of CLP which disseminate information to medical professionals and the public in the event of poisoning. Businesses must submit information on their mixtures to poison centres in every Member State they operate in.

Businesses placing products on the market in Spain must notify their products ahead of the 1 June 2017 or risk enforcement by the Spanish Authorities.

According to Larissa Silver, poison centre technical manager at the UK’s National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC), many businesses find Spanish poison centre notification particularly challenging. Silver conducts poison centre notifications on behalf of a number of global chemical companies.

“All Member States have different processes for notification, and Spain is particularly rigorous,” explains Silver.

“Spain requires the notifier to follow a comprehensive 13 step process for notification and to download specialist software to generate a toxicological report for their mixture. The process is also entirely in Spanish, adding an extra difficulty for non-native speakers. Businesses that haven’t already notified should act fast and seek professional guidance to be compliant before the deadline.”

The NCEC is one of the few organisations to have documented notification procedures for all EU Member States. Its poison centre notification service reduces the time and cost for businesses with mixtures on the market in the EU and can help minimise the risk of non-compliance.

NCEC also offers tools and resources to help businesses comply with poison centre regulation. This includes a poison centre compliance report – the only commercially available compendiums of notification processes in all EU Member States. The report can help to reduce the research burden and limit the cost for businesses notifying products in multiple countries.

NCEC offers free webinars on the complex notification procedures required and how changes to CLP by the recently released Annex 8 will impact the industry. You can access the webinars here.

For more information on how NCEC can undertake your poison centre compliance as a service, contact [email protected] or visit our poison centre notification page here.