Developing national hazardous materials guidance for fire and rescue services

Developing national hazardous materials guidance for fire and rescue services
20 May 2015

The Chief Fire Officer’s Association (CFOA) has selected the NCEC's emergency response manager, Dan Haggarty, to help produce new national guidance for firefighters responding to incidents involving hazardous materials.

The work forms part of CFOA and the Local Government Association’s National Operational Guidance Programme, which provides local fire authorities with the evidence and advice needed to develop local emergency policies. 

Dan Haggarty will join CFOA’s project board and will draw on his experience working for Ricardo-AEA’s National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) to fulfil a governance role in preparation of in depth advice on the risks associated with hazardous materials and how to respond to them during an emergency. 

The work builds on the 24/7 emergency telephone advice that the NCEC provides to its clients around the world, enabling organisations to safely respond to chemical incidents and provide accurate information to emergency services. 

Dan Haggarty commented: “I’m very happy to be joining the project board for the National Operational Guidance Programme. NCEC is in a unique position to support the development of this advice thanks to our experience operating the UK’s chemical emergency centre for over 40 years and our work globally, advising business and industry on chemical emergencies.” 

CFOA’s hazardous materials guidance is expected to be added to its National Operational Guidance Programme during 2016. Further information on NCEC’s chemical emergency advisory services is available here.

For further information contact a member of the NCEC team at or by calling 0870 190 6621