Final Annex VIII to CLP imminent

Final Annex VIII to CLP imminent
02 February 2017

Following on from our attendance at a workshop on the 23rd January held by the European Commission, NCEC has been informed the final regulations are due for ratification imminently. NCEC expects to see the final Annex VIII to CLP soon.

The workshop, held for key stakeholders, highlighted that complying with article 45 of CLP and preparing for the upcoming Annex has led to major challenges for certain areas of the chemical industry. In particular; the paints and dyes, construction and petroleum sectors, who have concerns on being able to meet the upcoming requirements in full. In addition to the challenges that industry will face the Poison Centres will also have to overcome the increased volumes of registrations from industry.

Annex VIII of CLP aims to harmonise the information requirements and submission format for poison centre notifications. As the text currently stands notifications would still need to be provided to each Member State in turn, each with their own processes and individual fee structure. ECHA has announced plans to hold a feasibility study in 2017 to address these challenges and highlight ways to improve these processes, including the possibility of a one stop notification portal to help ease the challenge of submitting data to multiple appointed receiving bodies. This tool would be created and maintained by ECHA if it should go ahead, although no data would be stored by them.

Whilst this supports future regulations, notification is a legal requirement in the vast majority of Member States now, with the NCEC seeing a crack-down in the correct numbers used in section 1.4 of the SDS over the last three months.

NCEC will be holding a series of update webinars when the regulations are ratified. Please register your interest below.


For more information on poison centres:

NCEC will also be launching a series of webinars and workshop seminars in the Spring. This will include:

  • A detailed compliance seminar
  • A comprehensive workshop for participants to seek advice from NCEC’s poison centre experts


For more information on how NCEC can undertake your poison centre compliance as a service, contact us at [email protected] or visit our poison centre resources page here.