Poison centre in Finland accepts notifications which comply with ATP18

Poison centre in Finland accepts notifications which comply with ATP18
23 August 2022

This week, the poison centre in Finland has announced that they are able to accept notifications that comply with ATP18 with immediate effect.

The amended Annex VI to CLP includes new and updated harmonised classifications for 56 substances. The new classifications will become mandatory from 23 November 2023, however Finland are encouraging organisations to amend their notifications to comply before this mandatory deadline.

Six of the substances are particularly common, these are highlighted in the table below. These new classifications will trigger a need to update safety data sheets and poison centre notifications. We recommend that if any of the 56 substances are in your portfolio, that your organisation updates documentation as soon as possible, so that information can be shared with your supply chain to prevent non-compliance by the November deadline.

Table: The six common substances impacted by 18th ATP.
Substance name CAS Number EC Number
Melamine  108-78-1 203-615-4 
2-Butoxyethanol  111-76-2  203-905-0
Pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide, sodium salt 3811-73-2 223-296-5 
Silanamine, 1,1,1-trimethyl-N-(trimethylsilyl)-, hydrolysis products with silica 68909-20-6 272-697-1 
Bisphenol A 80-05-7  201-245-8 
Cumene  98-82-8  202-704-5 

How NCEC can support your organisation to remain compliant

NCEC can remove the burden of compliance and support your organisation with these mandatory changes. Alongside our tailored advice, our horizon scanning and compliance reporting tool enables you to check and plan for changes that will impact your product portfolio. We also offer full safety data sheet authoring and compliance checks as well as a poison centre notification service, enabling you to remain compliant globally.

Please contact us using the form on the right-hand side if you would like support with complying with the 18th ATP to CLP or any other regulatory issues.