Protecting your employees with safe and effective hydrogen training solutions

Protecting your employees with safe and effective hydrogen training solutions
14 October 2022

Helping to make your hydrogen operations safe

Through a unique collaboration with international government bodies, the chemical industry and global fire and rescue services, our experts have developed hydrogen training courses that provide quality learning that embeds practical knowledge. The training includes interactive practical scenarios, providing employees with simulated hydrogen incidents that enables them to feel confident and prepared to handle a range of scenarios safely and efficiently.



This e-learning course provides knowledge about hydrogen’s physical properties, behaviours and usage, enabling employees to understand the associated hazards to health and in potential incidents.

The e-learning is suitable for all employees who are likely to be involved in processes using hydrogen, as well as those within an organisation or site where hydrogen is being used.



This detailed in-person training session explores the safety risks of hydrogen, the hazards around its use at your organisation and provides employees with the ability to recognise and work safely in relation to the potential risks that have occurred from incidents involving hydrogen. This course will enable employees to build an in-depth knowledge and benefit from real-life examples of risks to enable delegates to understand and identify the hazards hydrogen could pose to their own environments and intended uses. The course will cover:

  • Properties and behaviour of hydrogen
  • the material effects and system design including gas detection, purging and gas handling.
  • the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR)
  • an introduction to Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)
  • the use of liquid hydrogen
  • risk mitigation and control measures



This in-person training workshop provides the fundamental knowledge on how to respond to hydrogen incidents. These courses are tailored to your organisation’s operations and covers relevant case studies and simulation exercises that support your employees on how they should respond when an incident occurs. The course includes:

  • Non-technical skills, such as critical assessment and decision making in high pressure situations, which are crucial for effective emergency response
  • incident scene management
  • personal protective equipment for hydrogen
  • response options and emergency services collaboration

This course is intended for senior management, incident response teams and organisations safety teams. Through scenarios and simulations, the training will put each learner in the heart of an incident and develop their learning in real-life situations and the challenges they will need to overcome.

The underlying principle behind the emergency response training is to build confidence in a safe environment, so that responders know and understand where and how they can act when the risk and hazards will be significantly higher.

Accredited by The International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management (JOIFF)

You can find out more about the Hazmat Academy and their hazmat and chemical training courses through their website. If you would like to speak with one of the hazmat academy experts for a more bespoke requirement, please contact them at [email protected].