ChemeDox SDS Management System

ChemeDox SDS Management System

ChemeDox Safety Data Sheet Management System

The ChemeDox software ensures effective management of chemical safety information that enables your organisation to have access to chemical safety information such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), ensuring that staff and stakeholders can understand the broader risks associated with using chemical products in the workplace.

SDS management

Companies that use chemicals in their operations will receive SDS’s from their suppliers, often in a variety of different forms. Keeping track of these SDS and ensuring are kept up to date can be a difficult and costly task. NCEC’s ChemeDox SDS Management system will manage this task for you, providing your staff with easy access to your SDS on a simple to use and easily searchable online solution

In addition to the online solution we will also regularly contact your suppliers to ensure that you have the most up to date SDS for your chemicals, saving you time and reducing costly administrative overheads.

ChemeDox will:

SDS distribution

In addition, if you also produce and supply your own chemical products, ChemeDox can help you with the distribution of your SDS to your suppliers.

Companies who distribute chemicals need to ensure that they provide up to date SDS documentation to ensure compliance with the requirements of legislation such CLP and REACH. The ChemeDox SDS Distribution module enables you to maintain and distribute the SDS for your products to your customers.

  • An easy to manage email address book, to ensure your customers are up-to-date versions of relevant SDS for your products as and when they become available.
  • An audit trail of your messages and outgoing SDS.
  • A solution to meet your regulatory obligations under CLP.
  • Report showing a history of safety data sheet transactions by both safety data sheet and time period.