Dangerous goods safety advisor service (DGSA)

Whether you need a DGSA, or are a DGSA that requires additional help and support, NCEC can help with all your regulatory requirements when transporting dangerous goods. Our team of DGSAs will guide you through the complex transport legislation and help you meet your regulatory obligations.

Dangerous goods safety advisor service

The majority of companies involved in the carriage of dangerous goods by road – including those packing, loading and unloading dangerous goods – are legally required to appoint at least one certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

It can be challenging to train and maintain an in-house DGSA because they must pass a series of examinations before they can carry out their duties, and must also ensure they keep up to date with the latest changes to regulations. Therefore many companies choose to appoint a third party DGSA. We also support companies who have a single DGSA to cover leave, other absences or just provide a fresh perspective or confirm the DGSAs interpretation of the regulations.

NCEC can act as your third party DGSA expert, managing delivery of the annual company report and helping you to stay compliant, avoid potential delays to shipments, risk of fines and prohibition notices.

Whatever your specific needs, our expert team can support your company with experienced and knowledgeable DGSAs, who will provide year-round, tailored advice to your business.

Our DGSA services include:

  • Audit of your site(s) to identify any compliance issues, make recommendations on improvements and identify any opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Preparation of your annual DGSA report.
  • Preparation of reports following a serious incident involving the carriage of dangerous goods, as required.
  • Quality assurance checks on hazard classifications and transport documents, as well as related advice and guidance.
  • Assistance with ad-hoc enquiries relating to the carriage of dangerous goods.

Benefits to clients:

  • Annual service, providing year-round support.
  • Access to an expert team of DGSAs with many years of experience including dangerous goods legislation, providing emergency response advice and safety data sheet authoring.
  • Compliance with your regulatory obligation to appoint a DGSA and prepare an annual DGSA report.
  • Regular advice and updates on the latest developments in legislation.
  • Bespoke advice, tailored to your business needs.

Health and Safety and Transport Legislation requires all personnel involved in the carriage of hazardous goods, at any stage from packing the goods for carriage, consigning the goods, loading, carriage and unloading to be suitably trained to enable them to safely carry out their duties.

The regulations do not state what that training should consist of only that employees must be suitable trained. NCEC have compiled a Dangerous Goods Awareness training course that provides general hazard awareness along with function specific training. This course benefits all those mentioned above and those personnel working with hazardous goods.

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