Environmental chemistry and toxicology

Environmental chemistry and toxicology

Chemical hazard and risk assessment solutions for a changing world

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. The global sustainability agenda is forcing governments, industry and consumers to radically reconsider how we use chemicals, and their impact on human health and the environment. Such times call for competent, innovative and independent scientific advice to deliver solutions to complex challenges and create a safe and sustainable world.

NCEC’s Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology experts are your trusted partners in chemical hazard and risk assessment. Our specialists combine their deep understanding of chemicals – including the fate and effects of chemicals in the environment – with regulatory insight to deliver high-calibre solutions, resilience and value for our customers. Our broad range of high-quality and cost-effective services enable the environmental and human health hazards and chemical risks to be assessed. To see the range of our expertise, please take a look at our selected publications here.

We believe in combining state of the art science with expert regulatory insight to deliver the right solutions at the right time


NCEC services include:

Regulatory hazard and risk assessment services

  • Persistence and biodegradability
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Phys-chem and environmental fate
  • Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) or very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB); persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT) or very persistent and very mobile (vPvM)substance assessments
  • Mammalian toxicology
  • Study design, management and review
  • Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR)
  • Read-across and weight of evidence approaches
  • Exposure assessment and risk characterisation
  • IUCLID dossier quality review and improvement
  • Chemical safety report (CSR) preparation
  • REACH substance and dossier evaluation processes

Solutions for challenging substances

  • Difficult test substances
  • Multi-constituent substances and substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials (UVCB) 
  • Petroleum substances and petrochemicals
  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • Surfactants
  • Polymers and microplastics
  • Ionic and ionisable substances
  • Emerging contaminants (e.g. flame retardants, plastic additives)


  • Scientific research projects, publications and presentations
  • Literature reviews, data analyses, utilisation of monitoring data and modelling

Sustainability and policy

Training support

  • Bespoke training as per your specific requirements
  • Stakeholder events and workshops

Why choose NCEC as your trusted partner?

Our specialists have a deep expertise in environmental chemistry and toxicology gained through their work in multinational chemical companies, the public sector, and within industry associations and consortia. They have accrued vast experience of placing, monitoring and evaluating regulatory tests, as well as specialist expertise in developing alternative approaches to standard testing requirements. Our experts work as part of your team to help alleviate your environmental concerns as well as maintain your bottom line. 

Meet our environmental chemistry and toxicology experts 

We would really like to understand your current portfolio concerns and environmental toxicology concerns, highlight how we have been supporting global chemical businesses and work with you towards a greener and sustainable planet. Please contact us through the form on the right or at [email protected] and start a discussion with one of our experts.