Physicochemical properties

Physicochemical properties

Physicochemical properties are the intrinsic physical and chemical characteristics of a substance. These include appearance, boiling point, density, volatility, water solubility and flammability etc.

Physicochemical properties are essential indicators used in hazard, exposure and risk assessments. Certain properties must be disclosed in various regulatory documents, such as, when classifying a substance according to the classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) Regulation or submitting registration dossiers under REACH. Physico-chemical properties can also be used to assess the requirement for higher tier data.

Our team includes experienced environmental chemists who can generate, interpret and evaluate high-quality physico-chemical data. Our robust interpretation of properties provides clients with optimised design of any subsequent tests, identification of data that could be waived and appropriate use of alternative approaches such as read-across or screening methods.

In addition, we possess specific knowledge regarding the testing of ‘difficult-to-test’ substances (such as hydrocarbons; and other substances that possess volatile, hydrophobic or other challenging properties).

If you have any questions regarding physico-chemical properties, data or how to use this data, please contact us to find out more.