COSHH assessment

COSHH assessment

COSHH assessment

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) place responsibility on employers and employees to control the use of substances hazardous to health to prevent or reduce the risks of exposure to those substances. For all work that involves a risk of exposure, a ‘suitable and sufficient’ COSHH assessment is required to be made before any work is started.

The assessment is a procedure that considers the risk to the health of employees created by that work and of the mitigation steps that need to be taken to meet the requirements of COSHH.

The aim of the COSHH Assessment course is to inform you of the regulatory requirements and how to put them into a practical context in your own workplace.

It provides guidance on the process of making a ‘suitable and sufficient’ assessment of the risks posed by work involving substance hazardous to health.

The one-day presentation comprises a series of modules that will:

  •  Provide an overview of the regulations and how they are linked together.
  •  Help you understand hazard and risk information, and where to find this on an SDS.
  •  Give you an understanding of the effects of exposure to the substances you might work with.
  •  Show you that even ‘non-hazardous’ substances are covered by the regulations.
  •  Guide you through the assessment process.

Who is this course for?

The COSHH Assessment course is for anyone who is or will be involved in working with hazardous substances and needs to understand how to make a COSHH assessment (e.g. safety, health and environment managers; laboratory practitioners; and other users or handlers of chemicals).

What are the benefits of running this course in-house?

Running this course at your premises could make a significant difference because it does not just focus on the detail of the regulatory requirements.  The classroom sessions can focus on the substances you handle and their associated hazards and risks. Once delegates understand these, we turn to the assessment process and consider your current system and alternatives. We then offer the option of a workplace practical; where the tutor goes into your working environment so that, with guidance, the delegates have the chance to make a real assessment for themselves.

Do you need help with your COSHH assessments?

Are you happy with your assessments?  Do you feel you don’t understand the assessment process?  Would you like some help in making, or reviewing, your assessments?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we may have the solution.

Our COSHH experts are our company’s assessors and they have over 20 years’ experience of the regulations and assessments. They have trained, reviewed and made assessments for many companies; so whether you need new assessments, guidance with your current systems or an independent review, please contact us for help.