Training and preparedness

The knowledge and experience gained from working closely with the chemicals industry and emergency response organisations over the past four decades, has enabled our technical team to develop and refine a range of bespoke training courses in-line with industry regulations.

Tailored to your specific needs, we provide training in Chemical Spill Response, Chemical First Aid, Chemical hazard Awareness and regulatory training. Our courses are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Our courses help you to:

  • Stay compliant with legislation
  • Avoid costly lost-time incidents and ill health at work
  • Create a safer working environment

Typically, our training courses take just one day and are designed to be delivered at your premises, reducing operational downtime. We also offer a number of online training courses, providing a convenient, time effective training option for you and your staff.

Fire Service online training modules

Developed by NCEC’s team of trained chemists and emergency responders, course modules offer essential information on the underlying chemistry, reactivity and hazards of a range of chemicals and situations; as well as best practice for reducing adverse impacts so you are prepared to deal with the worst when it happens.

Training and preparedness courses

The following are delivered as a one-day intensive course, in modular format and can be tailored to your business and specific requirements.

The aim of the COSHH Assessment course is to inform you of the regulatory requirements of using chemicals in the workplace and how to put them into a practical context. Classroom sessions can be customised to focus on the substances you handle and their associated hazards and risks.

This course is designed to provide you with the ability to recognise hazards and understand the information that accompanies chemicals. This will help you to fully assess the risks, devise an action plan and ensure the response team follow best practice and a safe way of working.

Chemical Hazard Awareness gives you the vital knowledge needed to make better risk assessments and the right choices about safe handling procedures, selecting protective equipment, and responding effectively and safely to a spillage.

This course is designed to equip delegates with the tools and knowledge necessary to safely discharge their responsibilities in all general and job specific areas. Course content is tailored to focus specifically on regulations that are relevant to your business (also available online).

This course is designed to help you respond proactively when an incident occurs, identifying possible hazards, managing them safely and mitigating risks to your organisation and supply chain.

This course is designed to give those who may be responding to a chemical incident a focus on the dos and don’ts of the initial first aid response to a chemical exposure, ensuring that casualties receive excellent immediate care.

Poison Centre regulations are complex and currently differ in many member states. NCEC’s course will help you define what you need to do now and with the new harmonised regulations so that you can ensure the compliance of your organisation and streamline your compliance activities based on our expert knowledge.

This one day training course provides delegates with an understanding of the background to the new CLP regulation and to GHS, as well as a summary of the hazard classification criteria. Delegates will learn about the implementation timelines for the new regulation, practical use of symbols, signal words, selection of P statements and gain an understanding of the impact of the new CLP regulation and of GHS.