Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure

Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure (RICE)

This course is CPD certified.

When working with chemicals, there is always the potential for someone to be exposed to the substance they are working with. Whether by accident or as part of normal routine, chemical exposure may not only cause serious harm to human health, but can also result in lost time, legal action, and health and safety management targets being missed.

Generally, first aid at work training only demonstrates the procedures to carry out in the event of loss of breathing or circulation, bleeding, broken bones, asthma, stroke, etc. The syllabus may mention chemicals, but usually in the context of ingestion or burns to the skin; very little is taught about first aid following other chemical exposures.

NCEC’s RICE course can help you provide that vital first aid in the event of an incident involving chemicals.

This one-day training course comprises the following modules:

  • Hazard identification – discover how to identify hazard and risk information from placards and labels, and how to read a safety data sheet (SDS).
  • Chemical properties and behaviour – know how the physical properties of chemicals affect the likelihood of causing harm.
  • Chemical effects – learn the routes of chemical exposure, the signs and symptoms to look for, and the likely effects.
  • First aid – ensure you make a safe response; learn how different exposures affect the body and about simple first aid measures to prevent further harm.

The course also includes some hands-on exercises to develop your skills and understanding, and improve your confidence in making a response.

Who is this course for?

The RICE course is aimed at those who use chemicals or work in an environment where chemicals are handled and would like a better understanding of the type of first aid that can be performed following a chemical exposure. It is an obvious add-on for those who are already first aid at work (FAW) qualified.


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