Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure

Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure

Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure 

This course is CPD certified.

When working with chemicals, there is always the potential for someone to be exposed to the substance they are working with. While chemical exposure may result in serious harm to human health, it can also result in lost time, legal action, reputational damage, and health and safety management targets being missed.

While first aid at work (FAAW) training will include general information about how to deal with exposure to chemicals (e.g. inhalation, skin contact, injection and swallowing), it is unlikely to provide specific advice about the different types of chemicals that may be found in the workplace. Consequently, many of the emergency advice calls taken by NCEC each year are from people seeking first aid advice about exposure to specific chemicals.

Building on the general FAAW information, NCEC’s Response to Incidents involving Chemical Exposure (RICE) course explains what hazard symbols mean and how to deal effectively with an exposure depending on the chemical and the hazard. The course is designed especially for people who deal with hazardous chemicals regularly and have a greater chance of being exposed to them. It can also be tailored to focus on specific chemicals that your employees can encounter while at work. The course content will enhance the knowledge of a FAAW qualified employee and create awareness among other staff members on how to keep themselves safe.

This one-day training course comprises:

  • Hazard and risk identification – understand how to identify hazard and risk information from placards, labels and safety data sheets (SDS).
  • Chemical properties and behaviour – know how the physical properties of chemicals affect the likelihood of them causing harm.
  • Chemical effects – learn the routes of chemical exposure, the signs and symptoms to look for, and the likely effects of exposure.
  • First response to chemical exposures – learn how to make a safe response, how different exposures affect the body and about simple first aid measures to prevent further harm.

The course also includes some activities and exercises to develop skills and understanding, and improve confidence when responding to an exposure.

Who is this course for?

The RICE course is aimed at those who use chemicals or work in an environment where chemicals are handled and would like a better understanding of the type of first aid that can be performed following a chemical exposure.