Secure your registrations and protect your business

Since 1st June 2018, you can no longer legally manufacture or import substances over 1 tonne in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) without a valid REACH registration.

The number of registrations received by ECHA by the 31st May deadline were significantly lower than the estimates. This suggests that a substantial number of companies who should have registered have not yet done so, and could be at risk of enforcement action, or being excluded from trading within the EU which would have a huge detrimental impact on business operations.

Did you know: for a limited period ECHA has kept REACH pre-registration numbers active, which means that substances can still be registered using these numbers, rather than having to go through the inquiry process, which can be more time consuming and costly.

The registration process is complex and expensive and can present a significant challenge for businesses importing into the European Union. Organisations intending to trade need to prove product sameness, identify and outline supply chain risks, finance the procedure as well as any ECHA charges and ensure registrations are submitted in the correct format. They will also need to have a European registered legal entity and if they do not, they will need to appoint an Only Representative.

Have you registered all your substances? 

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