Changes to Pocket Chemdata iOS app

An update to our iOS Pocket Chemdata app was released on 31 July.  Pocket Chemdata subscribers using iOS devices will now need to log in within the app to see their data. The old device code + activation key security model has been removed.  The login screen can be accessed from the app’s menu.  Each subscribing organisation has its own unique Organisation ID which has been provided to the organisation’s main Chemdata contact.  Individual users should obtain this from their local contact who will also advise them of their preferred Device Reference format.  If your local contact is unavailable users can contact us directly at with Pocket Chemdata query in the subject line.  Please ensure emails include your organisation’s name and are sent from a work rather than personal email address.

When a user first logs in, the Organisation ID is verified on our server and the device reference is logged.  Error messages are returned if the Organisation ID is not valid or if all licenced installations are already in use.  Once logged in the app will perform periodic silent authentication checks when an internet connection is available.  The user will remain logged in unless they log out.  Once logged out users will only be able to see a restricted set of data.  There will be no need to enter codes annually as the app will periodically check its login validity with our server.  Your login screen can be accessed at any time from the menu.

Maria Stearn

Chemdata Product Manager

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