REACH registration

Deadline to register with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has now passed.


Over the last four decades, NCEC has developed an in-depth knowledge of the global chemical marketplace and its critical interactions with stakeholders – from regulator to supply chain. This means we are ideally placed to support you with your REACH obligations. Our dedicated team of REACH consultants are able to help you understand what your obligations are, assist you with your registrations and if required, act as your REACH Only Representative, to achieve compliance. We are also able to assist you with your continuing obligations post registration.

REACH services

NCEC is a REACH Ready approved supplier, meaning we are certified to provide technical guidance on all aspects of compliance with REACH legislation.

Whatever your size or sector, our experts can provide you with tailored support to meet your requirements and budget - everything from dossier creation and submissions right through to complete registration; including Only Representative and Third Party Representative services. With the 31 st May 2018 deadline fast approaching, our services are key to helping you register your organisation’s substances and meet the requirements of the REACH regulations within the European Union (EU).

  • Only Representative support for non-EU companies: We work closely with the European chemicals industry and have a full understanding of chemical manufacture and distribution. This expert knowledge means that we can take on your obligations as an importer acting as your 'only representative' for non-EU companies enabling you to trade freely within the European market; reducing both the time and cost of the process whilst supporting compliance. We have offices both within and outside the EU, meaning we are able to cater to the needs of both domestic and international clients wishing to trade within the European market and our ability to provide this service will not be affected by brexit.
  • Third Party Representation to reduce risk and support compliance: On behalf of private clients, NCEC is able to play an active part in the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) negotiations required to fulfil the registration dossiers under REACH. This enables you to remain anonymous whilst having a full say in the negotiation outcomes. In competitive markets, this kind of anonymity is useful in minimising the risk of loss of intellectual property during the exchange of sensitive information.
  • Bespoke Advice and Guidance for those who just need a helping hand: Our team are also pleased to help those who may just want technical support and a second opinion. Chemical Compliance Managers often have niche skills within their organisation. Our experts are here to offer technical advice, support and review of your approach, providing piece of mind to both managers and directors that regulatory compliance is being achieved.

NCEC’s comprehensive range of REACH services include:

SDS Authoring
Regulatory Compliance
extended-SDS Authoring
REACH 'Only Representative' / 'Third Party Representative' services
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Sourcing of letter of Access costs and Lead registrants
CLP notifications
Creation of dossiers and submitting registrations
Poison Centre notifications
SDS Management

Avoid disruption to your day-to-day operations by outsourcing your REACH registrations to NCEC’s team of experienced regulatory experts. We can significantly reduce both the time and cost of the process, enabling you to concentrate on running a successful business whilst remaining compliant.

Contact us to find out how NCEC can support you.


Latest deadline - 31st May 2018

By 31st May 2018, all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities over one tonne per annum must register with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Read more


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